When I turned 25, I had a midlife crisis.

Hopefully, 25 isn’t going to be the middle of my life (I don’t particularly like the idea of only making it to 50) but then again, life is a wild ride. Any moment could be my last, and by that logic it would be fitting just to have an ongoing crisis. But then nothing would ever get done, and to be frank I don’t think I could deal with the crushing existential weight of the universe every day. Sometimes you just have to enjoy a little ignorant bliss, you know?

In any case, at 25 I had made it my goal to become the best conveyancer Brighton had ever seen, and I was killing myself trying to get an interview at the best conveyancing company in the south-eastern suburbs. It became an obsession that completely blocked out everything else, and in fact, looking back on the whole thing, I think it was exactly that stopped me from obtaining my goal. As my obsession grew, it leeched away at my personality. As I was going for job interviews, I found myself unable to say anything in regards to my character – my interests, hobbies, etc – because I had none. The work that I loved so much, my driving force to be the best, had consumed me and left no room for anything else. I became essentially a shell of a person. No wonder no property conveyancing company worth their salt would look twice at me. I was truly a wreck.

So when a close friend finally told me that I was the problem, not the companies I was interviewing with, it shook my out of my own headspace. Of course it was me. I need a life outside of the ultra-competitive bubble I had created myself. I needed to do things, to go out and see people and really just have a life. ‘Crisis’ was probably the wrong word to use at the beginning of all this. It wasn’t so much a crisis as a revelation.