I need a drainage hero

drain repair MelbourneRepairing drains is not my greatest strength. In fact, I think it made it worse. My sister wanted to save money and I happened to be in the city so I dropped by and gave a hand to doing some drain repair in Melbourne. Her drains started playing up a while ago, I think because she pours batches of hot oil down there even though I constantly tell her not to. Anyway I took apart the drain outside and had a look but to be honest I had no idea what I was doing. I clanked around for a bit but after some smashes and bad sounds I decided it was time to call a professional. I told my sister to go out and treat herself while I dealt with the drain repairs. She didn’t need to know about calling the professionals. I managed to get through to a great drain repair company and luckily they were just around the corner finishing off a drain replacement in Melbourne.

They were understanding of my situation and came round to do some drain clearing asap. I know my sister is money-conscious so of course I happily covered the bill. Turns out it wasn’t that bad, he just gave the drain a blast with a power jet and cleared out the pipes. It ran smoothly straight away and the guy was happy for me to settle it there and then. I know who I’ll be going to for future drain repair needs. When my sister returned I told her I had managed to clear it myself and it shouldn’t cause her any problems from now on. It didn’t help that two days later she received a ‘thanks for your call’ leaflet  from the drain repairs company. She caught me out there but at least her drains are fixed and she didn’t need to worry about money.