Lovely Bathrooms for All Species

bathroom renovation MelbourneAs I’ve been telling people continuously ever since I arrived, my Arabella has a very shy bladder. Even at home if I want her to do her business, it has to be properly curtained-off, in a quiet spot and preferably in comfortable surroundings, with her favourite colour scheme (sunshine yellow) and the recorded sounds of a waterfall playing in the background. You can say I’ve become quite the renovator, when it comes to cats at least.

Obviously, I need to bring my talents to the whole building. Everyone helps out in their own ways- just this morning Maggie cooked everyone on floor 3 a big fry-up, and we had a great time- and now is my chance to shine. I could’ve had a significant part in Melbourne’s bathroom renovations industry, you know. That could’ve been my game, if I didn’t throw out my hip at age 23. I was never the same after that, so even so much as fitting a pair of tap covers would’ve done me in, I just knew it. Don’t know why I didn’t get into designing bathrooms professionally, though. So many designs I made, sitting at my boring desk job for years, and I never brought them to fruition. Now, I see an opportunity! We’ll have to get proper renovators in, of course, partially because it’s professional work and we want the place to look fab, and partially because my designs are so elaborate that we’re definitely going to need professionals. Also, some of these are for cat bathrooms, which as Arabella has taught me, are just as necessary for kitties. Cats just aren’t like dogs in that respect, you know. They need privacy, and comfortable surroundings just like people

Anyway, I’m happy to sort it all out. I’ll get on the line to Melbourne’s best bathroom renovators, sort out the costs, do it all. The Clue simply can’t be respectable with second-rate bathrooms for the people AND the cats.