Energy for the Club

commercial energy monitoringI’ve been looking at the figures…mostly because no one else will. And look, it’s not like the Club is the WORST energy-user in the city of Melbourne, but we’re doing pretty badly in that regard anyway. The lights in the corridors are always on, and they’re very powerful. People use the elevator far more than they should- I’m talking about you, able-bodied folk who live exactly one floor up- and then…I can’t account for all of it. People must just be using a massive amount of energy, far more than they could ever need. I’m guessing it’s climate control.

It’s about time we got some commercial energy monitoring in here, pronto. I know that sounds dire, but this Club is practically a business at this point and we can’t afford to be run out of the building because people leave the under-floor heating on while they go out. It’s energy monitoring, or we force everyone to attend a seminar where they learn how to properly conserve energy. Or maybe we could make the division of bills a bit more fair? I don’t see what’s wrong with a system of ‘you pay for what you use, which we strangely do not now have. That glaring oversight is to be blamed on other members who shall not be named. 

Something needs to be done, is what I’m saying.  I know all about options to do with energy as well, if people would be willing to invest a little bit. Solar energy is really becoming a big deal in Australia. Imagine if we could slice off our energy costs by harvesting the energy from the sun! In the summer, we could use the air con just that little bit more. I could research commercial solar in Melbourne, come back with some solid findings, and then finally we could get to cutting down on all that unnecessary power.

Of course, it all depends on convincing the council…