I’ll Just do ALL the DIY

aluminium accessoriesI don’t feel like people here do much DIY. I’ve had a look around the car park and there are a lot of…well, let’s say cat-friendly vehicles. Very small, economical, not exactly family-oriented. Made for one cat and one person, and that’s mostly it. We have a few families here at the club, but most are singles or couples, and most of them seem to do a certain type of job. It’s either office work or retail. That’s fine- nothing wrong with those jobs, of course- but it leaves me in the strange position of being one of the only people here with a blue-collar job. Naturally, Catrina spotted my service bodies on the very first day, and I’ve been the go-to DIY guy ever since.

I hope I don’t sound ungrateful, because I really like the place…but I don’t get much peace. It’s almost daily that I get a knock on my door because someone’s door handle has snapped off, or a bit of carpet needs re-doing on the stairwell, or something like last night. Tabitha’s shower tiles had come loose and she was worried about infections. I guess it saves a lot of money for the club, but I can’t do EVERYTHING. What if I wasn’t here? I don’t want to blow my own horn, but with the amount I do around the place it feels like the whole building would collapse into a pile of rubble without me here.

I know, that sounds like such an egotistical thing to say. It’s just…I do a lot, and it doesn’t leave me with much free time outside of work. Sometimes I want to come home from work, hang up the aluminium toolbox (metaphorically- I really just want to leave it under the ute, unopened until the next day) and spend some time with Bruce, my needy Persian. But something always needs done.

I’m just saying…if I could get something in return. Something to show they’re grateful. I’ve been needing an extra set of aluminium accessories, a bit of a toolbox upgrade…something like that. Just a hint. I can’t always be Joe Fix-It. I’ll get burned out eventually.


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