When I turned 25, I had a midlife crisis. Hopefully, 25 isn’t going to be the middle of my life (I don’t particularly like the idea of only making it to 50) but then again, life is a wild ride. Any moment could be my last, and by that logic it would be fitting just […]

Can you tell I’m running out of venue ideas?

There’s only so much you can do when running a service that exclusively caters to people getting home from parties. It’s a dangerous job in many ways, picking up people who’ve had a bit to drink and probably shouldn’t drive lest they either crash or lose their licenses. They can get a bit abusive, forgetting […]

Jumpstarting my career in makeup

Multitasking: not just for women any more. Not that it ever was, because I think it’s a vicious myth designed to perpetuate laziness, but never mind, because I’ve turned it into an art form. An actual art form. Allow me to explain. See, I’ve always wanted to be a makeup artist. An ordinary dream, one […]

Our little IT group

It has come to my attention that maybe our organisation needs a bit of a switch-up. A name change would be a good place to start. We began as the Society for People Against Machinery, or SPAM. It went great for a decade or so, but now that most of our members have smartphones and […]

Excitement builds for new game

Do you know what this means? Wait, I haven’t told you the thing yet. You know that amazing show that might just be the best, most engaging and poetically-written piece of television ever made? I’m talking about Week of Our Lives, of course, the international sensation where all the plots make perfect sense and all […]

Tulips to save my relationship

Oh no. This is bad. This is really really really really bad. It’s Sam’s birthday. Today is Sam’s birthday. FACEBOOK WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME. Today is Sam’s birthday and I completely forgot about it. I must be the worst boyfriend ever. What are you supposed to do if you stuff up this badly? Is […]

Spring flower put a bounce in your step

Springtime is right around the corner and, frankly, I don’t think I could be more excited. First off, my birthday’s in spring (September 18, put it in your calendar people) and I am one of those people who loves their birthday. I can’t help it, I’m a selfish human and I like getting presents. Sue […]