The Lady Who Made it Happen

They say you learn something new every day. I’m learning…well, at least twelve new things every day, and that number just keeps increasing because I haven’t even met everyone at the club yet! Catrina’s idea of communal breakfasts is an excellent one. I must admit, the urge to stay in my apartment most of the […]

Just Platform Stress

My cats deal with stress in very different ways. Case in point right now, actually, because we’ve got workmen right outside the window and the moment she saw the mobile aluminium scaffolding go up, Jemima was inside her basket and quaking like a leaf. Her preferred solution is to hide until the problem goes away. […]

My Own Native Jandakot?

I’m thinking of bringing up the idea of a movie night next time we have a meeting. Not a bad idea, right? It’d help us get to know each other a bit, but then you don’t exactly have to talk much during a movie. There’s a great space on the third floor that’d be great […]

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Almira’s Secret Luxury Interests

The one thing I really like about this club: equality. I’ve seen the original plans, and they very clearly stated that all the single apartments were to cost the same, all the doubles, triples…we’d all be one happy family united by our love of cats and divided by nothing in particular. So it’s not like […]

Cooling for the Club

It’s important to stretch before and after physical activity. Tesla doesn’t understand, what with him being a cat and all, but he does a lot of stretching anyway so I hope that makes up for it being less targeted. Got to admit, when Clarabelle was going from door-to-door handing out copies of Exercising With Your […]

Fixing my imperfections

It’s finally time. Mum promised me that, the day I turned twenty, I could decide for myself if I wanted any type of cosmetic surgery and I think I know what I’m going to do. My whole life, I’ve been a very self-conscious person. I was teased all through primary school for having buck teeth […]

Antennas Through the Years

I may be extremely old now, but my mind is as sharp as it ever was. My memory is also running at peak capacity, and I know exactly what things were like when I was a girl and the internet was a distant myth. Television had come to Australia, people everywhere were losing their marbles […]

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No Bugs in the Kitchen!

GROSS. Gross, gross, disgusting. Only a week at the Club, having a great time and suddenly I wake up one morning to find my kitchen bench coated in ants AND bugs. Like, the bad kind, the little black and white ones. You know what I’m talking about, right? The saving grace of this situation was […]

Taking advice from an expert

It’s been such a long time since I’ve moved, I’ve found I hardly know what to do with myself. I know for lots of people it must be like riding a bike, that you ease yourself into the process and then the rush of memories come flooding back, but I’ve found it’s almost completely the […]

Windows for the Club!

Well, the grand opening was awesome! I went back to the third floor that night feeling so welcomed, and I think Clarabella felt the same. She’s my Sable Persian, and she seemed to enjoy the company. Rodrigo (ginger tabby) didn’t seem to be interested in the festivities, but I’m sure he’ll come around. He just […]