Brake Failure Repairs

Driving amidst the scenic routes surrounding Ringwood, I often found solace in the beautiful landscapes and the quiet hum of my car’s engine. This peaceful journey, however, was interrupted one day by a worrying sound every time I tried to stop my car. A high-pitched squeal echoed each time I pressed the brake pedal. My […]

Laundry Overhauls

I’ve seen kitchens turned into culinary cathedrals and bathrooms into spas, but the laundry room has always been overlooked, until now. On The Blockhead, laundry was the new battleground. Each team had a different interpretation of the current trends Melbourne specialists for laundry renovations were currently exploring. Mildred and Millie envisioned a vintage laundry room […]

The Solar Photograph

Elara’s fingers danced over the pages of old books and scrolls, as her eyes darted through records of ancient technology. Nothing she found matched the complexity of the solar-powered machinery in the basement. This was beyond any commercial energy monitoring system she had ever seen. Beyond what anybody had ever seen, most likely. Her internship […]

The Bentleigh House

Elara awoke with determination etched across her face. The sign at the entrance to her motel now read “Welcome to Bentleigh.”  She knew exactly what she needed to do. Her first stop was the bank, but getting the payment authorised proved to be an uphill battle. The bank’s staff seemed to be moving even slower […]

Drain’s Fortune

Nathan Drain, a thrill-seeker with an insatiable curiosity, was skimming through an old book about Melbourne’s history in a local library. His heart skipped a beat when a faded map fell from between the pages. The map was filled with cryptic symbols and riddles which hinted at an ancient treasure buried deep beneath the streets […]

Inking Through Time

James, a passionate historian, had dedicated his life to unearthing the secrets of the past. One day, his research led him to an old legend about a tattoo parlour in Brisbane with mystical powers. Intrigued, he found the Tattoo Emporium tucked away in a quiet alley. Inside, the walls were adorned with artwork, reflecting the […]

Drain Camera Specialist

Our alliance with the underground society had given us new leads and a fresh perspective on the case. Together, we had uncovered a network of tunnels and hideouts, all connected to the blocked drains that had been plaguing the city. But it was time to up our game, and that meant bringing in the big […]

Conveyancing Part Four

It was a hot day, and the anticipation was palpable as the highly anticipated house auction was about to begin. The beautiful mansion-sized house had garnered a lot of attention in the real estate market, and potential buyers were eager to make it their own. Among the bidders was Sarah, a young professional who had […]

Sustainable Solar Kitchen

KC had always dreamt of opening her own restaurant and after years of saving, she finally had the funds to do so. She was passionate about hospitality, and her university studies in sustainability had inspired her to make her restaurant as eco-friendly as possible. She knew that being sustainable could bring several benefits of solar […]

Hardware Store One

Lately, I’ve noticed a group of squirrels frequenting my backyard. It’s hard to tell exactly how many there are, as they come and go at different times, but I estimate there are at least six of them based on the markings on their fur. I enjoy leaving food out for them occasionally, not too often […]