The Bentleigh House

Elara awoke with determination etched across her face. The sign at the entrance to her motel now read “Welcome to Bentleigh.” 

She knew exactly what she needed to do. Her first stop was the bank, but getting the payment authorised proved to be an uphill battle. The bank’s staff seemed to be moving even slower than normal, as if time itself was working against her. 

I wonder if there are any conveyancing lawyers near me with quick turnarounds. 

Elara hastily searched on her phone while waiting at the bank. Unfortunately, she didn’t have great reception at the bank, so it was a painfully slow process. She knew that if she was going to break free of this time loop, she couldn’t be wasting time searching through page after page. She’d need to be quicker.

Eventually, she came across some conveyancing firms near Bentleigh, but her hopes were dashed when they all said the process couldn’t be done in a day.

As the bank finally approved her payment, she raced to a small conveyancing firm. The conveyancer, a bespectacled man with a stern face, seemed to be the least bit interested. Elara pleaded with him, explaining her bizarre situation and how crucial it was to purchase the house today. She saw a flicker of intrigue in his eyes.

“I’ll do my best,” he finally agreed.

With the clock ticking, Elara and the conveyancer scurried around town collecting documents, making calls, and doing whatever was necessary. It seemed as if the whole town was holding its breath.

But despite their efforts, the sun set, and the documents needed one more signature that they couldn’t obtain in time. The conveyancer apologised, and for a brief moment, Elara felt like giving up.

As she walked back to the inn, she realised that her memories were intact. The cycle hadn’t erased her progress. She just needed to be faster.

As Elara fell asleep, she promised herself that tomorrow she would succeed, no matter what it took. The cycle reset, but this time she was ready.