Drain’s Fortune

Nathan Drain, a thrill-seeker with an insatiable curiosity, was skimming through an old book about Melbourne’s history in a local library. His heart skipped a beat when a faded map fell from between the pages. The map was filled with cryptic symbols and riddles which hinted at an ancient treasure buried deep beneath the streets of Melbourne.

Nate suspected that he would come across more than a handful of plumbing obstacles, so he would need the help of a professional for repairing blocked drains in Melbourne if he was going to find the artefact.

With the map in hand, Nate made his way to the small shop of O’Sullivan, a legendary explorer he’d heard tales of. Rumour had it that O’Sullivan had traded his life of adventure for the plunger and pipe.

As the bell chimed over the door, O’Sullivan looked up, his eyes squinting behind old glasses. Nate introduced himself, and with enthusiasm bordering on obsession, presented the map to O’Sullivan.

“I gave up that game a long time ago, kid. Drain inspections near Melbourne, that’s my specialty now,” O’Sullivan grumbled.

But as he studied the map, O’Sullivan’s eyes widened. His years of experience told him that the map was genuine. He sighed deeply, knowing that the call to adventure had found him once more.

The duo set out to the old drains of Melbourne. The air was damp, and the echoes of water dripping filled the tunnels. As they navigated the ancient drains, they solved a series of plumbing-related puzzles which required all of O’Sullivan’s expertise.

One wrong move triggered a trap and water began rushing into the chamber. The two barely escaped, their hearts pounding.

Finally, they entered a chamber hidden for centuries. In the middle stood a pedestal with an artefact, a small idol with inscriptions. Nate carefully lifted the artefact, while O’Sullivan translated the inscriptions. They pointed to a new location.

As they emerged from the depths of the drains, both knew that their adventure was just beginning. A bond formed between the experienced drain plumber and the adventurous treasure hunter as they prepared to unlock the secrets buried beneath Melbourne.