Listen to me when I talk

We all have our little pet peeves. Things that annoy us just that little bit more than they should. Sometimes that irritation can get to the point where, occasionally, we’re forced to stop and wonder where the problem really lies. Is the person the problem, or are we? In this case I’m almost one hundred […]

Everyone’s Going to the Beach!

Cannot believe that Carla would suggest a fishing trip, of all things. I don’t care who she knows, or how many fishing boats they own. They could own a fleet of luxury cruisers, and my objections would still stand; a fishing trip just doesn’t work for our residents. Just think of all the cats who […]

The Secret Underground Playground

Well, THAT solves the issue of where all the cats have been going to! I’ve had my hands full for the past three days, leading search parties all around the building in search of the disappearing kitties. They’d just keep showing up, without any clue as to where they’d been, which made their owners worried […]

Starting My Own Salon

Clients have been hard to come by lately, for whatever reason. Perhaps I just come on too strong with my pitch? I tell you, starting a cosmetics business is all work, work, work, and in a world obsessed with superficial beauty standards, you’d think things would be a just a little bit easier. When I […]

Window Repair Before TV

Sometimes, cats aren’t everything. There are other things in life…like television. Actually, the two of those can be combined quite easily, so I’ve found, which is why we have Friday nights as the dedicated television watching night in our household. Usually it’s just me and Felis, but sometimes we invite other cats around. Humans are […]

Keep the Pests Out of the Club

If we’re not careful, we’re going to get slapped with some kind of health and safety violation…code…thing. I’m no safety inspector, but I’ve noticed a few potential hazards around the place that I think the ruling council needs to know. There’s no use planning fishing trips and installing tennis courts when a person is tripping […]

Really Missing Trevor!

Trevor hasn’t been around a lot recently. When I was living back at the old place, he was around every week to take care of the petunias and make sure the sparrows weren’t kicking too much bark on the path. Now that I’ve moved into the Club, I was terribly heartbroken when I thought that […]

Trevor Does it All…

Don’t worry, everyone…Trevor is taking care of the garden. Oh, I do a lot of jobs around the place, mostly for the older folks who can’t do much in their garden. I’m retired right now myself, but I’m definitely fit and able to help folks out with their gardening. After Ethel moved to this…cat place, […]

Facilities for the Humans?

I’m thinking of attending the weekly council meeting. I’m not usually involved in politics, but I happen to have it on good authority that they’re very civil and concerned with the good of the club. So maybe I’ll nip along and make one of my suggestions. I need them to be civil, because this suggestion…well, […]

How About a Nice, Massive Climbing Frame?

Sassafrass Kittenson is getting restless. That doesn’t take very much, mind you; he’s a restless soul in general, which is why a good half of my apartment is dedicated to keeping him happy. He’s a very loving soul half the time, but the other half? All energy, like some sort of kitty version of a […]