Trevor Does it All…

Don’t worry, everyone…Trevor is taking care of the garden. Oh, I do a lot of jobs around the place, mostly for the older folks who can’t do much in their garden. I’m retired right now myself, but I’m definitely fit and able to help folks out with their gardening. After Ethel moved to this…cat place, […]

Facilities for the Humans?

I’m thinking of attending the weekly council meeting. I’m not usually involved in politics, but I happen to have it on good authority that they’re very civil and concerned with the good of the club. So maybe I’ll nip along and make one of my suggestions. I need them to be civil, because this suggestion…well, […]

How About a Nice, Massive Climbing Frame?

Sassafrass Kittenson is getting restless. That doesn’t take very much, mind you; he’s a restless soul in general, which is why a good half of my apartment is dedicated to keeping him happy. He’s a very loving soul half the time, but the other half? All energy, like some sort of kitty version of a […]

Let’s Refill That Life Energy

It’s not that the novelty has worn off at the Club…I like to think we came together for more than novelty. The cat-lovers here were united by a common love of a certain thing (cats) and are kept together by passion. Nobody has yet come to the ruling council and said they want to get […]

If I become my mother, shoot me

Ugh, don’t you think it’s pathetic the kind of things adults get excited over? I swear, if the littlest things make me that happy when I’m that old, life has really gone down the drain. Like one time, my mum almost cried with happiness because my little brother had emptied the dishwasher. Honestly, pathetic. At […]

Rendering: A Quick Primer

Working from home: fun sometimes, and majorly awful at others. It has its ups and downs, which is why I got Calliope to keep me company. She doesn’t do much else except eat, sleep in the sun and jump onto my lap for petting, but I’ve grown to love her subtle personality. Being here at […]

This Club Needs…Estate Planning

I reckon we need to get some services in here. You know those catered apartments, with the door people and the caretakers, and sometimes they have little gift shops at the bottom. Maybe a pharmacy, and a kid’s play area…oh, and a cook! That would be simply wonderful! The Club is going splendidly, but it […]

Drying needling to be a better father

Thank the lord for the dry needling. It has been a miraculous cure to my chronic back pain. Every day since my beautiful daughter was born I have woken up, taken multiple painkillers and prayed they last longer than the previous day. I have visited osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists across Auckland and I have found […]

Bit of Therapy to Keep Us Going

It’s clear that we have quite a few elderly residents here at the club, so I feel like we could have some better medical facilities. Oh, we’re not quite an old folks’ home- people can love cats at any age, and they do!- but still, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared. We need more […]

Get Ready for Beauty! Also, Cats

Now that our boating trip away is practically a go, it’s time to start planning. Luckily for everyone here, I’m excellent at planning! There’s also the fact that I have an entire cupboard of kitty-themed board games just waiting for such an occasion. Is there anything better than drifting down the river with a bunch […]