Broken Glass Remorse

Okay so, an update on yesterday’s incident. In my last post I told you guys about how my mates and I had ridden into a massive glass sheet and smashed it. I was going to go in the morning and tell everyone what had happened and offer to pay for it. None of my mates were keen to do the same. 

Well, I’m writing this update on my way home from the scene of the crime. I got there first thing this morning but the tradesmen had already arrived. They were picking up all the glass that we had left on the road and seemed angry and disgruntled. I understand why. I started to help the tradesmen pick up the glass before I said anything. I was hoping that this would soften their reactions when I told them what happened. Unfortunately, it didn’t. 

Before I had even finished talking they said that I needed to call the glazier. Melbourne tradesmen are under quite a bit of pressure to get jobs done quickly and under budget, and so my friends and I really messed them up last night when we smashed the glass. The tradesmen collectively said that because of me they are now three days behind schedule and that I would have to suffer the consequences. I feel really bad. 

I also feel bad for my hip pocket. I had no idea how expensive it would be to get a glass balustrade repaired. If I had known, I potentially wouldn’t have come back here and told them it was me. I’m only eighteen and this is costing me more than half of my life savings. I wish my mates that were there would help out. This wasn’t fully my fault.

When I get home I’m going to tell my parents that I need to go to the bank. I’ll have to tell them the reason and they’re going to be disappointed, but I think they may also be proud that I’ve taken responsibility for my actions.