Fate of Earth

I can’t believe we’re here already. This is Tybalt Way, reporting live from the race tracks of Gasmoxion, where expert mechanic Magnus Opus will race against Nitrous Dioxide for the fate of the world. My co-host, typing in italics, is the incredible Harry McGillon.


Let’s jump straight into this one. Two racers. One winner. Who’s it going to be? For our sakes, I hope it’s Magnus. And they’re off in three… two…


Oh, no! It seems Dioxide has no problem with cheating in this race, slamming the acceleration before the final light goes green. But he’s the judge of this entire competition, so he can do whatever he wants. He also seems to have access to unlimited power-ups, including bombs, missiles and flasks of acid. It’s going to take an incredible effort for Earth’s hero: the master car mechanic. Within Moorabbin, his hometown, there’s surely a few people cheering him on.


We know that Magnus can fix almost any car, given he’s so talented when it comes to his craft as a mechanic, but I doubt even he will be able to fix the damage if he’s hit by one of those bombs. So far, however, he’s weaving between them with expert skill. Maybe he has got a chance, after all!


Dioxide does a 180-degree spin before a ramp and fires two missiles at Magnus. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. I tell you what, that go-kart is going to need a lot more than a log book service. For now, however, Magnus keeps pushing forward, although it seems he’s lost speed.


He’ll need to try something crazy if he’s going to win this. What’s that? It seems Magnus Opus is going for his magnum opus. There’s a shortcut in the track which has never been attempted before. You can cut as much as a minute from the race, but it’s filled with traps.


He has managed to get over a pit and past a venus fly trap that tries to eat him, but—oh no! Magnus has fallen into the river of lava, his bones being consumed by the fiery doom. It seems that Nitrous Dioxide has won, and Earth will now be turned into an intergalactic parking lot! We have failed!