Ogre’s New Home

I miss my swamp. It’s been a long journey to live in Melbourne, and I’m honestly not sure it was worth it. When Fionna suggested that we move from our home, far far away, I thought it could be an exciting opportunity. That old place, far away from here, was getting a bit stale. I did want a fresh change. But here, everything is a little too fresh. It’s all so clean that I feel a bit smothered. Now, all I want is to go back to my muddy, dirty swamp. To compensate, I’ve taken work as a garbage man, but it isn’t really working out.

When we were researching places to live in Victoria, Fionna demanded that we get the assistance of a buyer’s agent close to Melbourne. They would know exactly where the best place for us was. And to be fair, they did a great job. They presented all the facts and helped us get our home for a better price. Not to mention that very few people wanted to sell to us. The buyer’s advocates negotiated on our behalf, which made all the difference. But you know where it was suggested we live by the buyer’s advocate? Malvern East. Now, I have nothing against Malvern or Malvern East, but we aren’t exactly the trendiest folks going around. You know, because we’re not like them. 

I don’t know, maybe I’m just not used to this place yet. Fionna loves it here. The community does seem nice, but I don’t really feel like we fit in. Wouldn’t we have been better off living in Magical Springs, where strange creatures like us are the norm, rather than the exception? I can’t imagine my ogre children attending a Malvern private school and being accepted as equals to everyone else. Fionna says I should give it a few more weeks because I have a tendency to be closed-minded, so I guess we will see what happens.