Ogre’s New Home

I miss my swamp. It’s been a long journey to live in Melbourne, and I’m honestly not sure it was worth it. When Fionna suggested that we move from our home, far far away, I thought it could be an exciting opportunity. That old place, far away from here, was getting a bit stale. I […]

Friends & Homebuyers!

My friend’s and I really want to move out of home. We’re all in our early-mid twenties which is still an acceptable age to be living at home given house prices and the unfortunate global health crisis we’re going through, but we feel like the time has come. Being a group of three (potentially four) […]

House of Goblins

I recently visited a house of goblins in the beautiful suburb of Forgotten Springs. These goblins all live in the same home, working with intense efficiency as a team. I’ve never seen such a well-oiled machine as this one. There are fifty goblins in all, divided into five teams that rotate through different tasks. Currently, […]