Friends & Homebuyers!

My friend’s and I really want to move out of home. We’re all in our early-mid twenties which is still an acceptable age to be living at home given house prices and the unfortunate global health crisis we’re going through, but we feel like the time has come.

Being a group of three (potentially four) girls, we all have different things that we want from the home. Originally we decided that it would be best to rent for a year, but now we’re thinking that maybe we’ll buy a house together and just sell it when we no longer want to live together. If I’m honest, I’m not entirely sold (pun intended) on the whole buying a house together idea, but I told the girls that I’m happy for us to talk with a buyers advocate near the Sandringham area and see what they have to say. We want to live in Sandringham or somewhere in Bayside which is why we’d talk to a buyers advocate in that area. We’ve thought about it!

Living with my best friends would be the best! We’d have movie nights every night and cook dinner together and gossip and get coffees. It would seriously be the perfect stepping stone to becoming a fully-fledged adult that we all need. Having their support during this transitional phase in my life would be awesome, and I also feel like living with them would be the perfect thing to tick off my bucket list whilst I’m young. 

We’re not dumb though – we know that we need to agree on everything, or at least most things, to be able to buy a house together. Like I really want to live in the southeast suburbs, but one of my friends wants to live closer to the city. She wants to chat with a buyers advocate near the Armadale area to see if there’s anything better out that way.  

I’m happy for her to buy a house in Armadale if that’s what she wants to do, but if that’s the case I probably wouldn’t buy it with her.