The Blue Rock

So, it seems I’m a Bionic Cool now. The blue one, which is cool, I guess. I didn’t realise those toys and movies were based on real life. I tell you, my fifteen cats were pretty shocked when I underwent my transformation. Hopefully, none of them got out through the window I had open. I haven’t been able to count them yet. I might get kicked out of the apartment if I can’t keep them inside. Might not have been a great idea to open the window in the first place.

Anyway, I was just minding my own business this morning, pulling some clothes out of the washing machine, ready to hang them up. I looked around and thought that maybe it was time to consider getting laundry renovations for Melbourne homes. That’s when I heard a thunk in the washing machine. I reached in and found this big blue chunk of ore. 

Suddenly my skin felt wet as if I had just climbed out of a pool. My flesh turned blue, grey and black, and took on a plastic texture. Within moments I looked like little more than a skeleton. From there, water shot out from all across my body, flooding my laundry in seconds. I think it’s pretty much beyond repair now, so I might need to find some laundry designers after all.

This may not have been the day I expected, but I used to love Bionic Cools so I’d actually call this a win overall. Although couldn’t I have been one of the better ones? The blue Bionic Cool is definitely the lamest. But I’ll take it, I guess.

I suppose I should try to find the other Bionic Cools, wherever they are. Perhaps we’ll go to the Superhero Training Academy together and learn to work as a team, using our powers. And then we’ll be sent on a quest to obtain the Mask of Darkness! I can’t wait for the adventures to come. 

– Jeremy of the Water