Don’t Like Cats

It’s honestly getting a bit embarrassing living in this apartment building, as the only resident here who doesn’t have any cats. Naturally, everybody believes that I must have lots of cats, given I live in an apartment surrounded by cat homes. It isn’t usually a problem, but recently more and more people from my work […]

Just Leave the Windows to Me

I’ve been into interior design since absolutely forever! Actually…there was an inciting incident. Mum used to be well into her house shows, everything from ‘Home Swap’ (that’s the one where a couple is randomly chosen, drugged and their home is moved via forklift to a new location overnight), ‘Escape to the Country’ (the one with […]

Darkened Windows for a Darkened Soul

It might be strange, me living here, but I value my privacy. I’ve never been the most social of people, so I’ve thus far resisted the temptation to join in on all the group activities. These are nice people, but…it’s always just been me and Timothy, my ginger tabby. We have each other for company, […]

Watch Out for the Windows!

Goodness, we really ARE coming into winter. Silly little bits of rain showers we’re having, makes things so unpredictable. I feel like such an idiot walking around with my umbrella while the sun is shining, even though I know it could take a turn for the worse at any moment. Oh, but you just never […]

Window Repair Before TV

Sometimes, cats aren’t everything. There are other things in life…like television. Actually, the two of those can be combined quite easily, so I’ve found, which is why we have Friday nights as the dedicated television watching night in our household. Usually it’s just me and Felis, but sometimes we invite other cats around. Humans are […]