Darkened Windows for a Darkened Soul

window tinting MelbourneIt might be strange, me living here, but I value my privacy. I’ve never been the most social of people, so I’ve thus far resisted the temptation to join in on all the group activities. These are nice people, but…it’s always just been me and Timothy, my ginger tabby. We have each other for company, and that’s enough.

You maybe wonder what I’m doing here, but actually, this is a matter of convenience. Previously I lived in a rather nosy neighbourhood, one that was well-established before I even got there. It was an awful place, where looking through a person’s front window and commenting on their affairs was commonplace. SAVAGES.

Once I looked up residential window tinting and had it applied to the entire house, I instantly became a pariah. I was breaking tradition by making it so hard to butt into my business, and the fact that the windows were so well-tinted made it so that anyone who later moved into that house would be inheriting my attitude of non-compliance. I’m personally proud of that legacy- no one should be forced to be part of such an abhorrent tradition- but eventually, the pressure caused me to move out. Never mind that I was exercising my right as an individual to live the life I choose by getting the darkest tint possible. If only people took the time to try and understand other people and their many varied perspectives. 

I heard about the cat community, and I thought this was an opportunity to…improve myself. It hasn’t really worked thus far, but the people here are far more accepting of my antisocial tendencies, despite the actual program of activities.

I feel like I’m getting there. I might have repeated the window tinting strategy, but this time, there were only two large windows at the rear. My door opens out to a corridor…with people…but that’s fine. One day I shall emerge. But for now, I enjoy the quiet.