LED: The Answer to All Our Problems

home LED lightingIdeally, you don’t want your household items to explode. You might even call that an unwelcoming atmosphere, so when it happens twice in a week, in a public walkway? That needs thorough inspection.

We want the corridors of the Club to be places that can be traversed without exploding lights. I do health and safety inspections for a job, so I was perfectly poised to get the full picture. Seems like whoever built the block didn’t spend all that much on the basics; combined with a faulty circuit breaker, the light bulbs have just been overloaded. And thus, raining glass where people walk. Not ideal.

Seems like we need to look around Melbourne for residential LED lighting. It’s what I’d recommend, anyway. Good amount of light, particularly important in tight corners and stairwells, plus if you’re willing to spend a bit, they can last a very long time. See, lighting is just something a lot of people don’t think about. I’ve seen companies get the cheapest lights because they think all they’re all the same, only to have them fail at the worst moments. Nope…like everything else, you need to spend a little to get good quality.

Makes me wonder what other hidden problems we might have. Not that it’s entirely the Club’s fault, but whoever did the building work could’ve cut a It more corners than just this. Maybe I’ll chat to Catrina, because this might actually be cause for an actual inspection. I’m certainly not inspecting the entire building in my down-time! At the very least, I can recommend some more appropriate lighting. Maybe even some designer lighting, if they want it. These people will do anything to make everything more cat-themed, so I’m sure SOMEONE can source some cat-themed lights. We’re trying to build an image, after all. Personally I’ll be a lot happier knowing I can walk down the hallway without any of the lights exploding above me. You know, just basic safety.