Plans for a Lovely Little Salon

hairdresser CBDSo many plans, and there’s so little time! We’re actually okay for funds at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be careful. The Club isn’t going to grow unless we’re smart about how we spend our money, so we can’t just go splurging on tennis courts and saunas until we have a solid plan, and we’ve covered all the basics. Luckily, that’s where I came in. Volunteered on the very first day, I did, and Catrina has been thrilled with my work ever since. Just your friendly, neighbourhood financial planner, coming in and making everyone’s day by making coherent spending plans! It’s what I do.

Still, I have a tough decision ahead of me. The two biggest additions to the Club at the moment are cat day-care and a hairdresser. Lorelei up on the fourth floor does home hairdressing visits, but she’s but one woman. I’ve thought about trying to recruit a skilled woman I found working in a hairdresser in David Jones a few weeks ago.  Not sure if that’s ethical though. 

No, I think we need someone here a bit more permanently. It’ll really benefit the old dears who don’t quite have the mobility to go out and find a hairdresser of their own, and hair is just important. It’ll be a major draw if we have an in-house hairdresser; really just an air of legitimacy.

It’ll need to be someone multi-talented as well, men’s and women’s styles, cutting and blowing, styling and colouring. Maybe I DO need to trawl all the hairdressers in the CBD and give some talented person an offer they can’t refuse. I’m quite good at business negotiation, you know…and I’m very persuasive. Alternatively I suppose we can train someone up, but…well, if they’re going to working solo from the start, they need to be experienced. We have all sorts here at the club. All hair types, all types of people. We need someone who knows their stuff.

I know. I’ll have a look around some of my favourite hairdressers in South Melbourne. If I can poach someone, great. But if I can get a team, one for each day of the week, that’ll give us variety and a strong base to start with. Oh yes, I AM brilliant. All my ideas are good ones.