The DIY Guy for Me

aluminium toolbox MelbourneI do love a man who knows his DIY…mostly because it gives us an activity that we both like to do. Last guy I dated was really nice and all, paid for all our dates even when I said I’d go halves and was just generally really considerate. And then he made the mistake of mentioning that he had to call in the maintenance guy to replace a light-bulb. I don’t even care if he said it was a rental and he wasn’t supposed to do that stuff himself! Do that silly business yourself!

It was never going to work. He didn’t even know one end of a screwdriver from another, never mind the difference between a Phillips and a star-head.

No, I’ve got my sights on another fellow, specifically the guy who does the DIY around this place. I actually don’t even know his name- just moved in, so I hardly know anyone’s name- I just know he does most of the DIY, loves cats and he totally looks like my type. I bet we could talk about draw systems and toolboxes for hours and hours, if you know what I mean. And I mean that we could talk about toolboxes with CENTRAL LOCKING. I’m pretty sure my father was one of the first people in Melbourne to get one of those, back when they were big news. I remember the long talks we used to have when I got home from school and he got back from work, and he’d be cleaning his tools. That’s when i got an interest in assembling my own little toolbox and doing things myself. It’s just more rewarding, period.

Anyway…this guy seems pretty well-equipped. I’m thinking of asking if he needs any help, since he seems to be doing all of the work by himself, without getting paid or anything. We could be quite the duo, me and him, keeping the club in good repair with our awesome sets of tools, after which we go back to his place or mine for coffee and chats about what kind of aluminium toolbox available in Melbourne is best for heavy duty ute service. Mmm, yeah. That’s good stuff.

Now I just need to work up the courage to TALK to the guy.


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