High-Tech Medicine for Everyone

hyperbaric chambersI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it…no longer. The Club FINALLY has some real medical facilities! Well, it’s definitely a good start, even if it’s not a full-time and it’s not quite hospital grade. There’s a lovely girl on the fourth floor who said she’s happy to pick up an extra couple of days, so while we’re not going to be able to instantly run to her if someone falls down the stairs- she works at a clinic in the city most other days- at least we can book appointments. Meanwhile, we’ve got plenty of equipment to tide us over.

I’m particularly excited that we managed to get some hyperbaric chambers from Melbourne. We have plenty of people here pushing their sixties and seventies, and a small handful in their eighties. People at that age have breathing problems, and they don’t always know how to pace themselves. Zelda used to be a tennis champion, for example. She still jogs up and down the stairs several times a day, even at her age, and it makes me a little bit nervous. This way, even if she gets out of breath she can climb into one of our hyperbaric chambers and get it back in a jiffy. Now, I know everyone’s going to want a piece of the action…we’ll have to draft some sort of roster system, otherwise it’ll be filled up all day with people wanting its healing goodness. But that just won’t do. Oxygen therapy really is for the good of all, and for all it shall be.

I suppose the next step is a gym area, though I’ve been looking at equipment prices and I’m just not too sure. There’s always stairs…running up and down those a few times should be all you need, correct? A and if you get out of breath, we have facilities for that too. One day The Club will be self-sufficient, with amenities left, right and centre, but there‚Äôs budget to be thinking of. We’ll just stick with our portable hyperbaric chambers for now.