These New-Fangled Medical Procedures

trigger point dry needling courseIt’s nice that the Club has offered me a job. I had a day to spare in the week, and it’s always nice getting some extra income right where you live. I mean, I guess it’ll cause everyone to start asking me things over breakfast, and in the hallways, and when I’m getting in my car when I’m late…hmm. Perhaps I’ll have to get an announcement to everyone to stop it from becoming too much. Work hours only!

Still, I’m pretty recently graduated, so I can’t do everything. I can give checkups, recommend things, prescribe medicine…but I’m not qualified dermatologist for example. I mean, if the Club wants to send me to New Zealand for a dry needling course, I’m not about to say NO, but right now I don’t know much about it. So, Mrs Dillinger in number 5w, you can stop asking. I think she might’ve heard that dry needling was big news, and now she’s all into the idea. A bit like how everyone was (and still is) into that hyperbaric chamber we ordered. Seriously, people have been all over it like it’s a rollercoaster. At least it’s good for them!

But no…five years of medical school and a couple more out in the real world hasn’t covered dry needling. It’s going to be a while before that gets folded in the basic training for being a doctor. Wouldn’t mind taking a course, though.

Or maybe someone else can take up the torch? It’d be really nice to have someone to work with. Not used to working alone, and while being a doctor technically means you’re NEVER alone, I’m talking about another medical professional. Someone to bounce ideas off, give a second opinion, share the duties of paperwork and do all the off-the-beaten-path courses in new medicine. So, a trigger point dry needling course is what I mean. Honestly, I’m just too run off my feet.