Nets for the New Sports Room

cricket netsI can’t wait for the next council meeting, and not only because Nettie has started making her family recipe blueberry and white chocolate scones. Actually, strike everything I was going to say…those scones are actually reason number one why I go to those meetings. But on the opposite side of eating calories and gaining weight, I’d also love to present my proposition for the new sporting room. We don’t have a ton of space to work with, and everyone knows it. If we want one of the large spare rooms downstairs to become a kitty playground, then that just leaves one.

They’ve been asking for ideas, and I think I have the solution. We don’t have to decide between a gym and an arena; just move the gym upstairs to the utility room! It’s far too big for that purpose anyway. Meanwhile, we can turn the room downstairs into a multi-purpose sports room. Think about it: sports netting stashed away in the service cupboard, with adjustable stands so that people can convert the room into whatever suits their needs at the time. If people want a quick round of cricket, just get out the cricket nets (all meticulously ordered, of course) and string them up for a quick knock about. If you need squash nets, just whip those out as well. I’d be happy to organise the cupboard, fold the nets, make sure they’re all kept in the proper place, re-paint the lines on the floor when necessary, all of that stuff. I used to be the maintenance person for my old tennis club, so I know plenty about the business. Mostly, it’d just be really nice to give something back to the Club, after all the lovely breakfasts and social evenings and cat meet-ups, plus how determined they are to deck the place out for our convenience. Or…our cat­-venience.

Oh, I know sports netting, don’t you worry. I really do think this idea will fly!