One Day, Cat Hairdressers Shall Be the Norm…

Melbourne hairdressersI had a wonderful dream last night, one in which all my dreams came true. In my dream! Imagine that. But I’ve always had this idea that pets should be treated the same as people, in…most ways. Most ways that matter. I love going and getting my hair done, for example, but every time I come back to my apartment and I see my cat, Veda, and I feel so bad. My darling kitty should get to go out and be pampered, and have someone do her hair. And I can tell you, most of the ‘pet salons’ in the city are total charlatans.

It’s a dream of mine that hair salons in the Melbourne CBD will one day be totally accepting of cat hairstyles. Like, you can go in and get your normal human haircut, but you can ALSO bring your cat in and they can have a lovely time as well. When you think about it, it’s not that different. Humans have all kinds of hair types, from silky to thick to tangled to coarse to…probably more. And cats have different hair types as well, probably roughly the same types that humans have. And to make things even easier, they often have much shorter hair than humans, so that’s less to work with. For your average short-haired tabby, all you’d need is a quick smooth-over, maybe a trim and a comb. There, all done.

Now, my kitty would be a slightly different story. She’s an Long-Hair, so for all those aspiring hairdressers, you could have yourself a real challenge. She’s like a little tiger: plenty of orange, black and white hair, and I have to brush it every day or it gets in such a tangle. I know we have a hairdresser in the Club, and she DOES do cats, but imagine if all Melbourne hairdressers would work on cats with no questions asked. No one thinks it’s weird. SO many kitties, running around and looking even more fabulous than usual. It’s such a lovely dream.