Just Leave the Windows to Me


I’ve been into interior design since absolutely forever! Actually…there was an inciting incident. Mum used to be well into her house shows, everything from ‘Home Swap’ (that’s the one where a couple is randomly chosen, drugged and their home is moved via forklift to a new location overnight), ‘Escape to the Country’ (the one with the family home being subject to a fake bombing run by an undisclosed nation, causing them to lose all of their possessions and flee to a vaguely-defined location in the countryside where they have to build a life from scratch) and ‘Knock it Down!’ (where an entire block of flats are knocked down and everyone has to find a new home).

Such classics! But I was watching an episode of ‘Echolocation, Echolocation, Echolocation’ and they had a special feature on Melbourne’s residential glass tinting. And then they went on to describe all these glass options for your home and business, and I thought…the Club is both a home and a business! Especially since we’re getting the tourism aspect sorted out. We’ll have a gift shop any day now, and with that comes some form of decorative glass, in my humble opinion. Imagine that: the entrance decked out with frosted glass panes on the side, with some paw print patterns and cats playing with balls of yarn adorning the revolving doors. We don’t have revolving doors, but I think they’d really tie the room together and give us an air of grandeur. Now, that’s not the only place where I think some decorative glass would be a good idea, but as Jerry and Kerry say on ‘Echolocation, Echolocation, Echolocation’, “when it comes to building a home completely blind, the first step is the first thing that happens in the process!”

Or something. I need to look up policies on Melbourne’s window frosting for the next council meeting…