We Really Just Need More Cats

kids room wallpaperI think we all know what’s missing from this building, and that is…custom wallpaper with cats on it.

Trust me when I say that we need more cat decorations. There have been vague whispers ever since the Club started about opening to the public, but we couldn’t open the way we are right now. We only just installed the squash court! And besides, we’re not NEARLY as committed to the theme as we should be. I work in a childrens’ play centre, and we just got kids wallpaper that displays safari animals for our safari corner. It’s so pretty and whimsical, two things that I secretly hope and wish for the Club. We really need to look into wallpaper for kids, but with a purely cat theme. Sure someone is printing kids wallpaper with that theme.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…this could end up looking pretty tacky. I haven’t yet hit the council with my suggestions for gigantic golden cat statues outside the door. Still, I can definitely find us some cat wallpaper that’s a little bit more subtle than cartoon kitties everywhere. I’m thinking a wine red background with silhouettes of different types of cats. So you’ve got a curling Siamese, a leaping British Shorthair and a pouncing Bengal, along with several others, all lining the walls of the lobby. Just to really let people know what they’re in for as they come to visit the club. Classy is what we’d be going for. Classy designer wallpaper for a more elegant age, and certainly an elegant, cat-themed Club. I’m just saying, things are a bit bland the way they are right now. Unless the Club wants to adopt a bunch of stray cats and let them roam the building, I think some luscious designer wallpaper is the way to go. Really nail that cat theme. It’s why we’re all here in the first place, right?