Window Repair Before TV

aluminium window replacementSometimes, cats aren’t everything. There are other things in life…like television. Actually, the two of those can be combined quite easily, so I’ve found, which is why we have Friday nights as the dedicated television watching night in our household. Usually it’s just me and Felis, but sometimes we invite other cats around. Humans are strictly off-limits. I do lots of things with people, but watching TV? That’s a special cat time. We’re currently burning our way through Iron Missed, that one about the woman trying to start a home cleaning and laundry business, but with a mortal fear of ironing that hampers her duties. It’s…alright.

Okay, I lied. It’s not just Friday. It’s swiftly turning into every day, and every hour after i get home from work. It’s terrible! There are things to do around the house, and I’m not doing them! I’ve had ‘ call Melbourne replacement window people’ taped to the fridge for a month, since we had that storm a while back and I think a stick or something must’ve come through the laundry window. We’re up high so I’m not worried someone will use it to break in, but whenever there’s a cold breeze, it gets in the gap and makes the place so chilly. You can’t just leave a broken window…I need window replacements, clearly. But I’ve been procrastinating fiercely, ever since I got near the end of Jessaby Bones, the Neat-Flicks show about the skeleton trying to fit back into society after being accidentally revived by dark magic, leading to all sorts of wacky comedic hijinks. I think my mistake was going right into Spook Sage after that, although it’s the direct sequel, so…

That window needs fixing, stat. Right now. I need to get off the internet and fix it, immediately. Melbourne aluminium window replacement number, here I come! Calling it now. Right now. Although there IS a new season of Bear-Revel. I hear the bear party planning business really takes off in this new season.

Gah, no. Windows!