Keep the Pests Out of the Club

Mornington termite inspectionsIf we’re not careful, we’re going to get slapped with some kind of health and safety violation…code…thing. I’m no safety inspector, but I’ve noticed a few potential hazards around the place that I think the ruling council needs to know. There’s no use planning fishing trips and installing tennis courts when a person is tripping on bits of carpet and falling down the stairs to their doom! Not that I would. Just…some people.

Ripped carpet on the stairs is one thing; a full-blown insect invasion is another. This morning I caught Mr Kibble Clawson playing with a cockroach he’d found near the communal kitchen area. I removed it immediately, but I feel quite sure there are more around the place. I know some excellent people in the area who do pest control, Pakenham way and as far as Rosebud, though it depends if the council are already on top of the problem. I’m really hoping they have some kind of system in place for such an occasion, possibly some kind of compendium of emergency services. Pest control really needs to be near the top of that list, since we have communal breakfasts and that’s everyone gathered in a single place. Think of the germs! Think of the infection!

I once had a friend who found a cockroach in her kitchen. She swept it up in the dustpan, tossed it outside and thought not much more of it. The next day? She was dead.

Of course, she died of heart failure through a completely unrelated condition, but still, the person who next moved into the home had to deal with the cockroach problem. Oh, and termites! Just the thought of them quickens my pulse. They can do such terrible things to a home if you let them run rampant.

I can’t stand it a minute longer. Catrina needs to ring those Mornington termite inspection people for whom I have procured the number and get them down here, before the whole place collapses around our ears!!