Really Missing Trevor!

tree pruning MelbourneTrevor hasn’t been around a lot recently. When I was living back at the old place, he was around every week to take care of the petunias and make sure the sparrows weren’t kicking too much bark on the path. Now that I’ve moved into the Club, I was terribly heartbroken when I thought that he wouldn’t have any reason to come around any more. Then I recommended him to Catrina, they seemed to hit it off and he’s been coming by ever since!

Until now, that is. He had been around quite a bit, so maybe he’s giving a bit more attention to his local neighbourhood. He’s a kindly soul, Trevor…I used to have him in for tea and oatcakes, but he’s never had time since I moved here. Maybe it’s all the massive jobs. We had to have those Melbourne arborists out recently, after the big willow out the back half came out of the ground. The cats do love to play in its branches, but we couldn’t leave it tottering over like that. One little breeze and I surmised that it could’ve come right through my kitchen window, leaving me without a kitchen. Or rather, I’d have to have skirted around the place avoiding all the broken glass for a while. And then there’s Samba. He’s a skittish cat at the best of times, so this probably would’ve finished him off.

I certainly don’t think that Trevor deserved to be doing big jobs like that. He’s terribly strong- I’ve seen him lifting all sorts when he was helping out around the house- but that needs special equipment, tree lopping. Special, necessary but extremely loud equipment that scares all the cats. Still, better a few startled kitties than a tree that comes down on the building.

I do hope Trevor will be around soon. Sometimes I think he’s the only one that understands. I know Melbourne tree pruning won’t get itself done, but…oh, maybe I can get him to do something around the place. Or just ask him in for tea?