Trevor Does it All…

tree removalDon’t worry, everyone…Trevor is taking care of the garden.

Oh, I do a lot of jobs around the place, mostly for the older folks who can’t do much in their garden. I’m retired right now myself, but I’m definitely fit and able to help folks out with their gardening. After Ethel moved to this…cat place, I thought I might as well go along and see if they need a bit of work done. You know, things that just need a bit of time and not much effort. I can tell you, there are tree removal experts in Melbourne for all those massive jobs. I might do a bit of tree trimming, but that’s my limit.

Anyway, Catrina was happy to accept my services, she said come by whenever and I gave her my telephone number in case there was something a bit more urgent. That worked for a couple of weeks, I came in to do the flowerbed outside the place and all was rather well. Then I got the first call- some birds had kicked up some soil on the path- so I trundled over and sorted it all out, got a bit of tree pruning done while I was at it- and I didn’t think any
thing more of it.

Well, perhaps I should’ve been thinking more of it, because goodness, that phone hasn’t had a week without a ring since then! There always seems to be some gardening crisis happening in that place, perhaps because they let an entire building of cats roam the grounds. They…leave some things, bring in others. I’ve found the strangest objects, from toys to pieces of laundry, possibly stolen from afar. I have to clear all this up, because no one else does and I can’t leave a job unfinished. So now I think I’ve become the maintenance person, without realising it. How did this even happen?? I’ve been suckered into it, that’s how.

And then i got the call last night. Trevor, there’s a fallen tree. Can you sort it out?

No. No, I cannot. I’ll look in my book of contacts, direct you to a reliable Melbourne arborist, and they’ll sort you out. I can sweep your soils and trim your trees for free…but I’m not doing my back in. This is slave labour!