Facilities for the Humans?

tennis netsI’m thinking of attending the weekly council meeting. I’m not usually involved in politics, but I happen to have it on good authority that they’re very civil and concerned with the good of the club. So maybe I’ll nip along and make one of my suggestions.

I need them to be civil, because this suggestion…well, it’s not to do with cats. I know, scandalous! Everything here is about the felines, and that’s fine, but I can think of a few ways I can improve the place and it’s not ALL for the benefit of our furry friends. Humans live here too, don’t they?

Anyway, we have this room downstairs that’s currently a dumping ground. I just think if you cleared out all the dross, there would be enough room for a small tennis court. I really do; it could be like mini tennis. I know some reliable providers of tennis nets, I’d be happy to set it all up. Oh, and if anyone wanted something else, I could get all sorts of sports netting. We could set up anything they liked, so long as it could be packed away: a mini golf course, rows of croquet hoops, painted lines for squash games. Keeping fit is of paramount importance, I feel. I do my exercises every morning with Gregorio, my Bengal, but I’d love to have a dedicated exercise area. So if anyone ever moved out downstairs, I’d propose turning that particular apartment into a gym. We can’t really say the Club is properly kitted out unless we have exercise facilities, like all the other flash apartment blocks. You know, those exclusive places where you have to ring the buzzer and type a code to let yourself in, and their facilities are only for the use of the patrons. Maybe I just like being exclusive, but I can’t be the only one. There’s enough storage space for all the sports netting in the world down there. I’d be quite happy to run the entire affair, source whatever equipment we need…it’s just that there aren’t any facilities for the people at the moment. And the people in the Club are the ones who take up most of the space!