Facilities for the Humans?

I’m thinking of attending the weekly council meeting. I’m not usually involved in politics, but I happen to have it on good authority that they’re very civil and concerned with the good of the club. So maybe I’ll nip along and make one of my suggestions. I need them to be civil, because this suggestion…well, […]

How About a Nice, Massive Climbing Frame?

Sassafrass Kittenson is getting restless. That doesn’t take very much, mind you; he’s a restless soul in general, which is why a good half of my apartment is dedicated to keeping him happy. He’s a very loving soul half the time, but the other half? All energy, like some sort of kitty version of a […]

Rendering: A Quick Primer

Working from home: fun sometimes, and majorly awful at others. It has its ups and downs, which is why I got Calliope to keep me company. She doesn’t do much else except eat, sleep in the sun and jump onto my lap for petting, but I’ve grown to love her subtle personality. Being here at […]

Windows for the Club!

Well, the grand opening was awesome! I went back to the third floor that night feeling so welcomed, and I think Clarabella felt the same. She’s my Sable Persian, and she seemed to enjoy the company. Rodrigo (ginger tabby) didn’t seem to be interested in the festivities, but I’m sure he’ll come around. He just […]