Windows for the Club!

timber window replacementsWell, the grand opening was awesome! I went back to the third floor that night feeling so welcomed, and I think Clarabella felt the same. She’s my Sable Persian, and she seemed to enjoy the company. Rodrigo (ginger tabby) didn’t seem to be interested in the festivities, but I’m sure he’ll come around. He just takes a while to warm up to new people!

I even signed up to be part of the planning committee, which is mad for me. I’ve never wanted to run anything in my life, but when it comes to the Catamount Club, I feel like I’ve found my place. I want to make it better. In fact, things could really be improved when it comes to the corridor windows. From my years as a receptionist I actually have a fair amount of connections in the Melbourne window replacement industry, along with a few others. My old business dealt with online marketing, making banners and all that kind of thing, so we brushed up against pretty much every sector. One outing had me attending a conference with the boss, and while I didn’t find two hours of hearing about window grading all the interesting, I DID have to take notes. The boss fell asleep halfway through, so…um, anyway, doesn’t matter. I learned more about grades of windows on that day than in my whole life, and now I might finally be able to put it to good use.

Just looking at the windows in the corridors, I can see a lot of flecks and a few have been cracked as they were installed. If we don’t want them blowing in during a storm and our cats disappearing, we need some actual, quality timber window replacements. Melbourne has a few people I can recommend. Timber just has a bit of a sturdier edge to it, you know? That or aluminium, but the whole place looks so nice, I think timber has more of a homey feel. Suppose I’ll raise all this at our first meeting!