No Bugs in the Kitchen!

Frankston termite inspectionGROSS. Gross, gross, disgusting. Only a week at the Club, having a great time and suddenly I wake up one morning to find my kitchen bench coated in ants AND bugs. Like, the bad kind, the little black and white ones. You know what I’m talking about, right? The saving grace of this situation was that I was able to grab Sugar- who was trying to play with the bugs like she plays with her food- and head down the hallway to Tabitha’s place. We’re one big family and we don’t mind hosting, apparently! Plus Sugar and Mittens get along pretty well. Perhaps too well.

I let Catrina know, and she said this was something she’d been meaning to get around to. There needs to be a solid hierarchy and system in place for who deals with this stuff at the club! Ah, they’ve only had one council meeting; plenty of time to sort things out, like termites eating away at the walls. Meanwhile, the closest place is Frankston, and pest control needs to happen pronto before my entire kitchen it taken over by insects hell-bent on destroying my life, for reals. I don’t even have that much of a life to destroy, so this is a serious threat. Send in all those people in big white suits with tanks on their backs, because this is code red. Code red, people! Serious pest control threat!

I’m getting antsy not having access to my baking supplies. Birthdays are coming up, weddings are on the horizon and I’m under SO much pressure from the bride, just like every time I get commissioned to make a cake. She doesn’t need to know about any of this, obviously. No ants were infesting the kitchen in which her beautiful wedding cake was made. Maybe Tabitha will be good enough to let me use her kitchen; I might throw in a cake for good measure! No one can resist cake. Oh, and one for the strong, brave Frankston termite inspection folks who are going to put me back in business. Cake for everyone!