Rendering: A Quick Primer

Melbourne rendering companyWorking from home: fun sometimes, and majorly awful at others. It has its ups and downs, which is why I got Calliope to keep me company. She doesn’t do much else except eat, sleep in the sun and jump onto my lap for petting, but I’ve grown to love her subtle personality. Being here at the club has really allowed her to flourish, actually. I never knew she had it in her to be quite so social!

And a lot of my working-from-home problems have just vanished, because of this amazing community. If I need to work, I’ll go to my apartment. When I’m not, I’m out in the common areas, socialising with both people and cats!

The job is tough sometimes, as well. I’m a Online Researcher, one of those fancy new jobs that certainly came into existence recently. People ask me things, and I explain in simple terms. Someone sent me a message today, asking about concrete rendering around Melbourne. Apparently his wife wants it done to the house, he told her he’d think about it and then went into panic mode because he doesn’t have a clue what it is. That’s what the job is all about: quick and accurate responses.

Truth is, I hadn’t hear of concrete rendering before this guy mentioned it. It’s all double-dutch to me, but a quick search later and now I know all about Melbourne’s rendering industry. Gee, some of those places look nice. Too bad I don’t own my own home, or I’d be considering this myself! It’s easy to get carried away, but I made my research succinct and summarised what I’d learned in a way I hoped he’d understand. Another satisfied customer, diffused from panic mode. If only they were all that easy!

Now I know all about Melbourne rendering companies, and it looks lovely. Maybe something for the club, eventually. That’d be a LOT of concrete…but considering how we’re growing, I wouldn’t count it out.