This Club Needs…Estate Planning

estate planning lawyersI reckon we need to get some services in here. You know those catered apartments, with the door people and the caretakers, and sometimes they have little gift shops at the bottom. Maybe a pharmacy, and a kid’s play area…oh, and a cook! That would be simply wonderful!

The Club is going splendidly, but it has so much room to grow. The foyer is easily large enough to accommodate some kind of service. Just imagine what it’ll be like in five years: a café in the corner (a cat café, obviously), a reception desk, a small pharmacy and a fully-operated kitchen where people can come and eat meals with their kitties.

After that, we could branch out! We have quite a few elderly residents, so maybe someone could set up an office for succession planning strategies. Melbourne, as in the city, is such a long way away. You can get will planning people to come to you, of course, but what if they couldn’t? Anyone and everyone needs a will, especially since most everyone here has dependents (cats). Provision needs to be made for them. And executors of will are the perfect people to do it, since they deal with all sorts of requests, pets included.

Of course, this is planning far into the future. Five years, maybe, after we’ve got our cook and full-time caretaker and board of tourism, because everyone is going to want a piece of the action. That’s what my plan for the future is, anyway. Obviously we’re a bit of an oddity so far as things go, and cats are immensely popular. We’ve already been the subject of several memes and a few international news outlets are following our progress with great interest. It’s only a matter of time before we grow to the point where some Melbourne estate planning lawyers want some prime real space in the club. And of course, we’ll make them very welcome.