Drying needling to be a better father

dry needling course New ZealandThank the lord for the dry needling. It has been a miraculous cure to my chronic back pain. Every day since my beautiful daughter was born I have woken up, taken multiple painkillers and prayed they last longer than the previous day.

I have visited osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists across Auckland and I have found no relief. I recently visited a doctor who had completed a series of dry needling courses. She talked me through the treatment and it basically works by targeting the nerve that’s producing the pain and deactivating that area. I figured at this point it was worth a shot so I booked in for a session with her. Chronic pain can have major psychological impact and while it hasn’t affected my relationship with my child it does mean I’m unable to perform certainly motherly tasks that I would otherwise be enthusiastic about. Running after her at playgroup is a real effort and lifting her from her cot in the night is almost excruciating. I was hoping the dry needling would put an end to my pain and mark the beginning of a new era of movement.

My doctor told me about her training during the dry needling courses, New Zealand is apparently a leader in dry needling technique training, so I felt in safe hands. Since the treatment I have found my pain has essentially gone. I get the occasional twinge but just yesterday I took my daughter to the park and lifting her in and out of the swings was an absolute pleasure. I was even able to carry her on my shoulders for half an hour. I can’t believe the transformation. I have booked in for more treatments to keep the pain at bay but I wake up every morning grateful that I do not have to rely on a handful of pills to get through the day.