Starting My Own Salon

anti aging treatmentsClients have been hard to come by lately, for whatever reason. Perhaps I just come on too strong with my pitch? I tell you, starting a cosmetics business is all work, work, work, and in a world obsessed with superficial beauty standards, you’d think things would be a just a little bit easier.

When I moved here, I thought I was coming to a place where I could really get things started. Don’t know why, in retrospect…everyone here is 100% into cats, and cats should not be given cosmetic treatments. Still, I’m living in the community. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to ask people if they’re into that new trend in Melbourne. Lip fillers, they’re the next big thing! Dermal injections, to impress your date! There hasn’t been as much interest as I’d hoped. I know a lot of people would love to have full lips like the celebrity on the pages of a glossy magazine.

That said, most of it has been me, I feel. People are perfectly happy to go along to some salon or another, a place where they have ‘employees’ and ‘equipment’ and ‘proper health regulations’. If they came to me, they wouldn’t even have to go anywhere, besides up and down a few floors. I’m learning, really! Just last night I performed a laser hair removal service upon myself, and you can see the results for yourself! I don’t know for sure, but I think the redness is pretty standard. For me. Like, when people go and have it done professionally it doesn’t come out like that, but that’s the advantage of a rustic, home salon like the one I’m trying to set up.

Ah well. All businesses experience their ups and downs to start. There are plenty of clinics in Melbourne that do anti wrinkle injections, and I bet THEY all started in someone’s front room. Probably!