Everyone’s Going to the Beach!

Lorne apartmentsCannot believe that Carla would suggest a fishing trip, of all things. I don’t care who she knows, or how many fishing boats they own. They could own a fleet of luxury cruisers, and my objections would still stand; a fishing trip just doesn’t work for our residents. Just think of all the cats who hate water! No, it’s silly, a silly suggestion overall.

We should go to the beach instead. No, hear me out! More accurately, I think we should go to the coast. That way people who love the beach can go and have fun there, walking and paddling and whatever else you do there. And seaside towns are usually quite lovely to simply inhabit, with walks all around and cafes to relax in. It’s the perfect compromise, and lucky lucky, I know someone in Lorne with luxury accommodation who can fetch us a very nice price. See, that’s why I’m the one with the great ideas and not Carla. I have everything set up, and I’ve even researched alternate Lorne hotels for people with special needs. That’s me, caring for the elderly. Because I’m a good person.

I think we all need to get away to the beach, because it can really get cramped here. I’ve stopped coming to the breakfasts, because it feels like we just talk about the same things over and over again. How’s your cat? Got any good cat tips? What do you feed your cat? Oh, look at your cat doing something interesting!

We all need some time outside Kitty HQ to recharge, get a fresh perspective and just generally exist outside the colony for a while. We’ve become just a bit too exclusive, which is why it needs to happen sooner rather than later. All of Lorne’s accommodation is calling, and I know for a fact that many of them are pet friendly. It’s not like cats make a lot of mess…depending on the cat.