Taking good care of your feet

foot specialist BrightonFeet are an often overlooked part of your body. Keeping feet hydrated is a must to keep them healthy. Feet tend to be one of the driest areas of the body because they sweat more than any other area. Good foot lotions or ointments will help keep your feet hydrated. Minty lotion is particularly good to promote circulation and provides a nice cooling sensation. The type of shoes you wear impacts your feet greatly. If you wear shoes that put pressure on your feet or cause blisters of corns to develop, soaking your feet at the end of the day can help.

There are many useful products you can use to help keep your feet healthy. Use a scrub to help get rid of dry spots and take the time to properly exfoliate a few times a week. A foot massage will bring the circulation back to your feet after a long day standing or walking.

If you’re experiencing problems with your feet it’s important to visit a foot specialist. Left untreated, foot problems can get worse over time. Foot fungus if left untreated can spread to other parts of the body. If you see any of the telltale signs of foot fungus it’s important to get treated right away. The most common signs of foot fungus is persistent itchy feet.There are many over creams and ointments that are specifically designed for fungal conditions. Scratching the area can lead to infection, it’s best to apply a topical treatment and leave the area alone. If symptoms persist after using over the counter treatments it is advised to see your local podiatrist. The problem may require something stronger than an over the counter medication, Cheltenham Podiatry can determine how bad the problem is. You depend on your feet every day so make sure you take the time to care for them properly.