Moving out stress relief

carpet steam cleaning companyWe had to move out of our unit and everything had been arranged, or so I had thought. I had been away for the week, but I’d packed my room and all my belongings before I’d gone on holiday so there would be no problems. I had left the moving arrangements up to my roommates, two girls I’d just finished studying with. We had become really close, but I’d always been the one to make the arrangements so I was a little nervous about it all. When I spoke to my roommate Nina this morning about the cleaners she told me that she’d just found out the cleaners she’d booked in fact don’t actually clean carpets. I started to panic. We had three days left before we had to hand the keys back and we didn’t have a carpet cleaner. The whole place was carpeted, so it was pretty important we found one, and quickly.

I phoned up an upholstery cleaning company in Melbourne, who surprisingly had just had a cancellation. The woman on the phone from the tile and grout cleaning place took my details and told me a rough estimate of the cost.

I told Nina the good news and she stopped stressing. She must have thought I was going to bite her head off. Then I suddenly realised she was scared to tell me that she had made a mistake. I felt awful. She thought of me as a horrible mother-type who would ground her for making a mistake on her assignment. Surely, a girl who’s known me for four years, and lived with me for the majority of that time should know me better than that. Then I stopped. Was that the real me? When the jobs was done I made sure to properly thank the lady from the carpet steam cleaning company. Melbourne gets so dusty in Spring, it really upsets my allergies.