Get Ready for Beauty! Also, Cats

anti wrinkle treatmentNow that our boating trip away is practically a go, it’s time to start planning. Luckily for everyone here, I’m excellent at planning! There’s also the fact that I have an entire cupboard of kitty-themed board games just waiting for such an occasion. Is there anything better than drifting down the river with a bunch of fellow cat-lovers, singing cat songs and playing cat games? With cats? There probably isn’t, just to answer my own question.

So, I’ve got Feline Monopoly, Kitty Scrabble (cat-related words only) and the all-time Christmas favourite, Cattergries (again…it’s all about cats). People are talking about other things, but honestly I haven’t been paying much attention because I’m just too excited. Like, something about organising a Melbourne anti wrinkle treatment and general beautician place to come along and cater for a pampering night? Look, if it’s about pampering, I’ll get on board, but unless it’s related to cats I just don’t know beauty treatments all that well. We recently had a wedding on for one of our residents, and a few of the ladies went to the salon place, or whatever it’s call, to get all sorts of treatments I’ve never heard of. Made me feel like I’d been living under a rock!

Seriously, since when was cosmetic tattooing a real thing? It sounds great, because putting on makeup is one of the most painful chores of the day, but I was surprised that it was a real thing you could have done to your face. Maybe I need to get out more. Most of my beauty knowledge is based around cats anyway…I always watched the Cat Shows, where the world’s most beautiful kitties are scrubbed up and paraded in front of an audience. Squee, so lovely!

Alright, I’ll let Irene handle that side of things. She has all kinds of connections in the Melbourne laser hair removal places and all of that. In the meantime, I know what I’m bringing to the table: cat board games!