Rad ute deserves the aluminium action

Aluminium ute canopyFantastic news! I finally got my new ute and I’m loving it. She’s nice and sleek, brand new interior and the paint on this car is mint. I went for a nice fire truck red colour, it glows in the sun and makes an impression when I arrive at work every day. The other guys thought I had won the lottery, it’s not even a new ute, it was just well taken care of. The guy who sold me the car said the previous owner was an older gentleman who took great care of it. He had it serviced regularly and made sure to wash the car after it rained or get dirty. I know I won’t take as good a care of the car of the old bloke did. I just don’t have that kind of time, it’s a work ute after all. I have to get it kitted out with the best gear to compliment my wicked paint job. The aluminium trays in Melbourne are being installed this week, I can’t wait to see how they look. I have had to get a ride to work with mates while the car is getting fitted out. I know the Aluminium ute canopy is going to look the business, I might even convince the boss to get his car sorted out. It’s amazing how sturdy these aluminium accessories are, and I can get them powder coated red to match the paint. My boss doesn’t have an aluminium ute tray on his vehicle, he just has a basic cab and nothing much on the back. I don’t know how he manages to bring all the tools we need to the job sites. He won’t be able to bring as much stuff as he needs, then again he doesn’t do much of the hard lifting. He’s not what you’d call a hands on boss, he’s more of a sit back and give orders kinda guy. He’s not too bad though, he lets us have a few beers with lunch, and not all managers are that cool. I’m planning what other upgrades I can do to my ute in the coming months, maybe some spinning rims.