Excitement builds for new game

game design coursesDo you know what this means? Wait, I haven’t told you the thing yet. You know that amazing show that might just be the best, most engaging and poetically-written piece of television ever made? I’m talking about Week of Our Lives, of course, the international sensation where all the plots make perfect sense and all the people act like real people, definitely, totally, 100%. So yeah, you know that? It’s getting a video game. I’ve never played a video game in my life, but wowzers, from now on you can call me a gamer!

Yeah, a bunch of people who do game design courses have come together in unification and love for the show. In fact, they’re presenting it as a joint assessment, and it’s not totally done yet, but they’re completed the bare bones and it looks to be 9000% fabulousness. Just…ugh, I cannot deal with this level of majesty. I was not born to look upon it.

The demo is out on their website, and it’s apparently going to be flowing and dynamic with mounds of playable characters, just like the show. The demo lets you play as either Iris or Cooper, who just so happen to be the show’s premier star couple after Iris married Gary but forgot that she sabotaged the wedding car to explode if he tried to leave her at the altar. Anyway, the engine blew up, they went sailing off a cliff and Gary was eaten by a mutant porpoise. But Cooper was sunbathing at the time on the rocks and dived in to save Iris, and now they’re working together to end the illegal possum trade. That’s the main objective of the game so far.

To think that you can do a video game design course in Melbourne– my city! People are using it in such a marvellous way. Cannot WAIT for the full game!