Our little IT group

web design course MelbourneIt has come to my attention that maybe our organisation needs a bit of a switch-up. A name change would be a good place to start. We began as the Society for People Against Machinery, or SPAM. It went great for a decade or so, but now that most of our members have smartphones and Alastair is into gaming (seriously, Alastair), I’m thinking we need to find a different focus. So perhaps something more like the Society for People Against Machinery but Only if it’s Really Bad. So, S.P.A.M.O.R.B. Has a nicer ring to it, I think.

So yeah, our policies have been updated, except for in writing. I suppose it all began with the great scandal of ’02. Our then-leader, a young buck by the name of Harry who’d inherited the position from his father, was revealed to sneaking down to Melbourne for a web design course. The revelation tore the group apart, with some claiming that he be excommunicated to the world he loved so much and others defending him because of his youth, or even claiming that web design doesn’t count because it’s only using a machine as a means to an end and is actually an art form. That whole ‘art form’ defence really was the finishing blow for our old values. Oh, video game design is an art form. Look at this smartphone, the delicate curves, it’s an art form. It’s a movie made with CG, and that’s an art form.

That was the end of that, so now people could get computers (to create art), phones and they could even go to see films, because we weren’t against art, were we? Thus SPAM, almost became a haven of IT professionals and phone enthusiasts who appreciated the art more than most people. And now…well, half of us are doing IT courses, and don’t even ask about our monthly Skype meetings. Sometimes I miss the old days…