Fixing my imperfections

laser hair removalIt’s finally time. Mum promised me that, the day I turned twenty, I could decide for myself if I wanted any type of cosmetic surgery and I think I know what I’m going to do.

My whole life, I’ve been a very self-conscious person. I was teased all through primary school for having buck teeth and begged my mum to let me have braces, but at that point, I think the damage was done. You just don’t recover from bullying like that, it really takes its toll. Anyway, as I got older and moved into puberty, my skin began to struggle. I realise that all kids get pimples and that it’s nothing to be ashamed of, but I took pimples to a whole new level. I had to go on all kinds of medication to get them to a point where they were remotely manageable, but the combination of steroids could do nothing for the scars left on my face.

To be honest, I’m just sick of it. I want to feel confident in my skin, I hate feeling miserable when I look in the mirror. Getting dermal fillers in Ballarat seems like a sensible idea. I feel like the amount of confidence I’ll gain will be worth the price, and mum agrees. I just want to put all this high school bull behind me and get on with my life.

Talking to mum about it, she agreed that I needed to do something. I’m sick of slathering my face in makeup every day just to hide the condition of my face, but mum actually thinks the dermal fillers are necessity. She suggested that, while I was there, I use the opportunity to treat myself, so instead of just getting the fillers, I’m also going to get the best laser hair removal Ballarat has to offer. I mean, while I’m there, I may as well, and then there’ll be one less thing to worry about for the rest of my life. So why not?