Almira’s Secret Luxury Interests

boat trailer repairThe one thing I really like about this club: equality. I’ve seen the original plans, and they very clearly stated that all the single apartments were to cost the same, all the doubles, triples…we’d all be one happy family united by our love of cats and divided by nothing in particular. So it’s not like I can look at someone on the ground floor going back to their apartment and think jealous thoughts. They’re paying the same as me, guaranteed. There are common areas and lifts on all floors, so who really cares where they end up?

Oh, you pick up bits and pieces, notice little things that really don’t matter. Almira just yesterday dropped hints that she was having a nightmare trying to find a place in Melbourne that does boat trailer repair, because work it keeping her run off her feet and all she wants to do when she gets home is feed Valentine and go to bed. I remember being a bit taken aback by this, because I’m still not sure what Almira does for a living and she just doesn’t seem the type to own a boat in need of anchor winch servicing! She’s just so down-to-Earth. Only yesterday she came to our weekly Kitty Café meeting in her pajamas with her hair in rollers. And now apparently she goes sailing on the weekends, using a luxury yacht?

It’s surprising, but it really hammered home the lesson that we’re all so equal. This apartment block is like a new start for humanity, in a very small way. But who knows? Maybe one day the idea will spread, and eventually there will be Clubs all over the world! I think that’ll make the world a happier place.

In the meantime, I’ve volunteered my time to Almira. I’ll find her a place that does the works around Melbourne; outboard motor repair and all. Alright, it’s because I’m hoping desperately to have a go on that yacht. I bet she has a private cabin with a queen-sized bed and a chandelier. So jealous, in a good way!