Willow the Ocean Kitty

Most people at the Club don’t seem to believe me when I say that Willow likes to swim. Sure, a majority of cats hate the water and want nothing to do with it, but have NO stranger things happened in people’s lives? I bet there are dogs that hate swimming. Maybe there are rats that […]

All I Ask is For a Marine Fabricator

People keep saying that the only way I’ll ever be married is if a man comes out of nowhere and sweeps me off my feet. To them I say…that’s not going to happen. Or rather, if it does, I’m going to smack him right in his smug, presumptuous face and tell him to unhand me […]

Almira’s Secret Luxury Interests

The one thing I really like about this club: equality. I’ve seen the original plans, and they very clearly stated that all the single apartments were to cost the same, all the doubles, triples…we’d all be one happy family united by our love of cats and divided by nothing in particular. So it’s not like […]