Willow the Ocean Kitty

anchor winch servicingMost people at the Club don’t seem to believe me when I say that Willow likes to swim. Sure, a majority of cats hate the water and want nothing to do with it, but have NO stranger things happened in people’s lives? I bet there are dogs that hate swimming. Maybe there are rats that don’t like walking on tightropes. It’s a strange world in which we live.

A few of them have actually been round my apartment when Willow has done that thing she does, where she nags me to fill up the bath so she can go for a swim. Then she happily plunges in, has a good old paddle, and Nero just watches from the sink, disgust on his kitty face at the actions of his sister.

That’s why I left Nero with a friend last time I went boating, but took Willow along. She’s even better at realising than I am when we need the outboard motor servicing. Melbourne places are starting to get to know her as well, as are a lot of places around the docks. Last time I was having the anchor winch checked out, I heard that people call her ‘Willow the Sea Cat’. It’s true…I do take her down pretty often, and when we lay anchor to fish or enjoy the sun, she’s always plunging in. Even had a little life-vest made, so she can do so wherever she likes.

Suppose she must’ve been like this before I even got her, but a bit of my passion for boating has surely seeped in. Meanwhile, Nero will hide under the bed for hours if he even gets splashed by accident, and they’re from the same family. So no, me taking the cat on the boat isn’t cruelty. It’s seriously cruelty to leave Willow out of my boating trips. If I so much as go down somewhere in Melbourne for anchor winch servicing, she knows. She can smell the sea, and is fully-aware that I went there without her. And there are pictures on Visage-Tome! Seriously, just look.