Cat-Proof Glass on the Market?

glass replacement MelbourneAnd so, the culprit is revealed. It was…MILLIE.

Yes, the manx cat from the fourth floor. Such an angel by day, very affectionate and always wanting to be friends with all the other cats. But by night? The Great and Terrible Window Destroyer. It’s not encouraged to let your cats roam the halls at night, but we turned a blind eye to Bindi. “Oh, it’s fine! Millie just needs to stretch her legs!”

Yes, stretch her legs and scratch the windows, causing a horrible noise, terrible damage to the glass and bolting whenever we tried to figure out her identity. Now we have proof, Millie is going to have to be confined, and we need a reliable glass replacement professional. Melbourne has been the home of this club for years! We can’t have it’s good name being tainted by all the corridor glass being scratched and ruined. I just can’t stand the sight of it, walking up the stairs and seeing it all ruined.

Should’ve expected we’d need some hardier glass with all these kitties running around. This is our first scratching incident, but we’ve also seen them licking the glass, and generally breathing on it. It creates stains, and it’s just not very nice. And we know how much cats love to stare out of the window, so I’m not really sure how we didn’t think of this.

There’s got to be some kind of pet-resistant glass on the market, and if not specifically that, just a glass that resist the scratching. If anywhere in Melbourne needs glazier work, it’s here, a place of human and animals gathering. So we’ll have the glass put in, perhaps look into glass balustrading along the staircases if it turns out to be as cat-resistant as we thought, and…well, we’ll have to make sure Millie remains under house arrest. Such a sweet little face as well. Who’d have thought it?